Score Profile API

Use the Score Profile API to get either a JSON or CSV of an all scoring for a specific API key.

API Call (5.6)

The API accepts both HTTPS POST and HTTPS GET

The API uses Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Type Values
format json csv

The response is either a JSON with the format below or a CSV:

 "response": {
    "Your Score Profile": {
      "account": "1234",
      "timestamp": "Jun 20 2019 23:47:21 GMT",
      "apikey_name": "Primary Key"
    "hits": {
      "Activity Repeat": {
        "No Repeats": {
          "area": "activity",
          "default_score": "1",
          "description": "",
          "current_score": "0",
          "last_updated_timestamp": "",
          "updated": [
Status Codes
Status Response
200 OK (no errors)
502 Error. APIKEY or values are not valid. Issue listed in response.