About Us

E-HAWK is a technology innovator in the Web and Mobile Fraud Detection and Prevention space. We live to make heroes out of Online Risk/Fraud Managers, Lead Buyers, Email Delivery and Compliance Teams, and Marketing Managers by delivering a world-class solution that provides quality, actionable cyber intelligence to help combat fraudulent registrations, bogus leads, account hijacking and organized cyber criminals. The company's service helps identify risk profiles of account registrations, leads, and profile updates in real-time. E-HAWK is helping tag and prevent cyber issues and fraudsters across multiple sectors.

E-HAWK is also a trusted source for community data on known fraudsters shared by customers for the sole purpose of helping everyone in the community combat active known fraudsters. Cyber criminals tend to attack multiple organizations and leave a trail wherever they go. Our platform can provide rapid identification and stop fraudsters from being able to inflict damage on multiple businesses. The community of trusted Email Service Providers (companies providing email marketing services on behalf of clients), Internet Service Providers (companies providing services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet), and global online businesses contribute information on cyber criminals verified as Fraudsters. This anonymous pooled data is used to stop these people from inflicting damage on multiple accounts. Join our growing consortium and partner with us.

E-HAWK's vetting service programmatically denied access of fraudulent sign-ups before they could do damage to our reputation and negatively impact our customers.


Thank you for keeping us safe from bad actors!


Peter Cholnoky, CEO peter@ehawk.net

  • 30+ years of high-tech experience
  • 18+ years of CEO experience
  • Founded/CEO 3 tech startups
  • 10 Years at Apple

Raymond Dijkxhoorn, CTO

  • 25+ years of high-tech engineering experience
  • Founding member of SURBL
  • ISP/ESP technology and implementation architect

Tom Shaw

  • 40+ years of high tech engineering
  • 30+ years National Intelligence
  • 15+ years cyber threat analysis and protection, malware, phish and spam analysis

E-HAWK was started in 2012 and has offices in New York and the Netherlands.