Portal Tour


The Dashboard layout helps to quickly spot spikes in risk areas and provides click-drill-down charts to research trends and areas of concern.

1 Count vs. Percent chart shows the count by day that score worse than the Risk Level Threshold as well as the percent of total per day (black line). Change Threshold using Risk Level Select menu. Look for spikes in the percentage as this can show bot and fake sign-up attacks. Click on any day to view details.

2 Risk Hit Scoring by Percent percentages over the last 35 days. Click on a Risk Type, such as High Risk for a complete list of data.

3 Risk Scores Type by Day shows the count of risk score types per day. Click on any data point to view data.

4 API Usage and Timing Shows API and FEED-API usage per day with average time of response.

5 Spike Area Risk Hit spikes over the last week.

Area Pages

Testing areas shows risk issue donut charts, top lists, and Top Score Impact charts.

1 Risk Issue donut chart showing the count and percent of all tagged hits for the testing area. Click on any value to drill down and see data.

2 Lists of the Top 250: Tabs for both the Highest Risk items as well as the Highest Activity. Clicking on a value will show data that contain the value.

3 Score Impact Charts: The portal builds the scoring impact charts based on your Custom Scoring profile. So the tag hits that impact your Risk Score the most are listed in the area by weight... from Highest Negative (-130) to Highest Positive (+130). Each chart displays daily hits. Click on any day count and drill down to see all data that hits this scoring tag.


The Data page is for searching, building reports, and downloading data. Enter search and filters and then click Search button.

1 Using All, enter search text such as IP, email, domain, username, or lead source for general search. Limit search to specific data types, such as IP or Email, by selecting type from the menu. Type search is exact match only.

2 Search button. Click to run all searches and generate reports.

3 Add filters to report. Select items from the menu and they will show below the text search box (area 4).

4 Filters area listed in this area. Click on AND/OR text to toggle boolean class. Remove by clicking "x" on the filter tag. Save Report and Replace Report buttons show under this when available.

5 Run and manage saved reports.

6 Column selector for customizing your view of data. Download data, up to a max of 100k rows, in Complete, Condensed, or Screen formats. Reports will be listed in the Queue for download.

7 Switch between Chart View of Risk Hits, Score Impact, Grouped by Risk Level View and Data View.

Data Details

1 Badges to the right of values show counts for the last 30 days. In this example, the IP has been seen three times and the email 4 times.

2 Risk Hit Details per area.

3 Tagging select to tag items good, bad, or do not score.

4 If this is a fraudster and the API key supports community, then add by selecting a reason.