Obfuscate API


Use the Obfuscate API to replace all personal data with 'Data Obfuscated'. When calling with a transaction ID the API will replace IP, email, name, street, city, state, postalcode, and phone with 'Data Obfuscated'. Use this API when GDPR and other privacy laws require the obfuscation of personal information.

Endpoint (5.18)


The API accepts both HTTPS POST and HTTPS GET.

For GET use the format:

GET API call example:

CRUL POST API call example:
$ curl -X POST -H Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded -d 'apikey=your_apikey&transaction_id=12345' https://feed-api.ehawk.net/obfuscate/


Every API call requires the apikey and an E-HAWK transaction_id that was returned in the vetting API JSON or available in the portal.

Keyword Value and Format
apikey Your E-HAWK Vetting API KEY (required)
transaction_id E-HAWK transaction ID that was returned in the vetting API JSON or available in the portal


The API returns a JSON response such as:

Status Codes

Status Response
200 OK (no errors)
502 Invalid key provided
404 Transaction Not Found
-6 IP not in ACL