Block fake leads and fraud sign-ups

Our cloud API identifies phishers, bots, spammers, fraudsters, high-risk users and links lead quality to marketing performance.


Run hundreds of real-time tests with risk assessment on every lead.

Real-time Intelligence

E-HAWK performs hundreds of risk checks in real-time giving you detailed insight, actionable information, and improving your fraud stack and cybercrime detection. Check lead data for issues such as:

- Email deliverability, linked with spam or fraud
- Bot, TOR, proxy, blocklisted, hosted IPs
- Domain risk, new, suspended, parked with ads
- Device linked to fraudulent activity
- Users trying to create multiple accounts
- Suspicious activity patterns
- Invalid names, phones, non-matching data
- Users tagged as fraudsters from other web sites

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Scoring Leads and Results

Score:   -100
Type:   Very High Risk

Disposable email
IP on blacklist
Domain 3 days old
4 Repeats

The service scores each lead and lists risk issues.

Free Trial

Stop Bogus Sign-ups

Free trials and registrations are a great way to attract new users into your online community. But many are fake. Some are trying to use your platform for phishing, sending out spam, identity theft, and fraud.

E-HAWK can automatically filter out many bad actors, so you can focus your time taking care of your good clients and building your business.

Lead Vetting and Scoring

Real leads are gold. Invalid or fraud leads are impossible to reach and often a waste of time. Why not use our pre-built tests to check for issues with emails, locations, IPs, phones, domains, etc. before investing marketing resources and sales efforts?


Lead Source and Marketing Performance Tracking

Real-time performance results for marketing campaigns and lead sources. Track which campaigns and lead sources deliver the most qualified prospects. Stop buying leads from poor performers, and improve click through results.

Web to Lead

Connect Web Lead, Sign-Up Forms, and CRM

Use our API or Zapier to add lead scoring to any CRM. Quickly integrate with online forms for leads, newsletter signups, free trials, or account creations.


Fight Account Takeovers

E-HAWK monitors login activity for suspicious behavior such as IP movement velocity, changes in IP, email, and device fingerprint risks.

In addition, our community data will tag users who have been terminated by other online services, blacklisted, or have a compromised device.

Customize Scoring

Because each organization views risk differently, you can quickly increase or decease scoring for risk hits.

Tagging items empowers your company to score specific emails, domains, IPs, and device fingerprints as good, bad, or bypass scoring.

Custom Scoring

Customize Scoring

Tag Items

Tag Items

Detailed Reporting

The Portal provides dashboard views and interactive charts to quickly evaluate risk levels and trends in real-time. Click on any chart or risk type to drill-down and see detailed risk profiles of each lead.

It is easy to monitor percent of high-risk leads and how risk areas and threats are trending.

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Get Started

Our API cloud service is easy to implement. Request a trial account to get started. Then use the online documentation and sample code to start vetting. Questions or need help? Just email support.