Sign-up Form Connector


If you manage your own web site, just add the Connector PHP file and modify your forms with a few quick changes. When visitors submit registrations or transactions, the connector will first vet the data, get a Risk Score and Risk Type for the data, and then automatically pass the form data plus risk information onto your CRM or back-end system. Read about how this works with Salesforce.

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The script supports:

  • Field mapping and custom fields
  • Thresholds for risk score to complete or skip transaction
  • Custom return URL for risk levels
Download the Connector to integrate vetting and risk scores into your on-line registration process. Follow install steps on Set-up Instructions tab.

Your server must support PHP 5 to run the E-HAWK_SignupConnector.php script
Your form must use the POST method (method="POST") and not GET

The Connector works great with CRM systems Salesforce, SugarCRM, Saleslogix, Oracle, Zoho, CapsuleCRM and any back-end that is managing registrations, sign-ups, web logins, or store transactions. Implementation time is about 15 minutes.

Script Updated: Feb 10, 2017 - Connector v2.1

Installing and Configuring the Connector
Modifying your registration form.
  1. Download the Connector and unzip the files. In the folder you should have two files: E-HAWK_SignupConnector.php and E-HAWK_Connector_Instructions.txt

  2. Copy the E-HAWK_SignupConnector.php file into your web root in the same directory as your sign-up or registration form page.

  3. Open E-HAWK_Connector_Instructions.txt and your registration form file with a text editor. Find in your form: <form action="XXX" method="POST" ...>

  4. Copy the XXX value and paste it into the E-HAWK_Connector_Instructions.txt as the value for E-HAWK_FORM_ACTION replacing "your_form_action"...
    <input type="hidden" name="E_HAWK_FORM_ACTION" value="your_form_action"/>

    As an example, for Salesforce your form action is " servlet.WebToLead"and the E-HAWK_FORM_ACTION value would look like this: <input type="hidden"
    value=" servlet/servlet.WebToLead" />

  5. Set your registration form action value from Step 3 to the name of the E-HAWK_SignupConn.php file and location. By default this would be: <form action="E-HAWK_SignupConnector.php" method="POST" ...>

    If you rename the E-HAWK_SignupConn.php file to "process_form.php" and place it in a "forms" directory on your server top level, then your form's action would be <form action="/forms/process_form.php" method="POST" ...>

    Steps 3 to 5 modify your form on-submit to have E-HAWK first vet the data and then send the user sign-up data plus the Risk Score and Risk Type onto your CRM or back-end systems.

  6. Copy the HTML in the E-HAWK_Connector_Instructions.txt that is: <!-- START COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR FORM BETWEEN ...>
    <!-- END COPY -->

    and paste into your form registration page between the tags: <FORM...> and </FORM>

  7. Copy the HTML in the E-HAWK_Connector_Instructions.txt that is: <!-- START COPY AND PASTE RIGHT ABOVE </BODY> ...>
    <!-- END COPY -->

    and paste into your form registration page right above the tag: </body>

  8. Save your registration form file with the modifications.

Configuring the Connector
  1. Open the E-HAWK_SignupConnector.php file located in your web site directory with a text editor.

  2. Replace the 'api_key' text with your Vetting API Key. define('E_HAWK_API_KEY', 'api_key');

  3. Enter the field names where the E-HAWK risk score and risk type will be saved in your database or CRM system. Example: when you create your sign-up form, if the name value of Risk Score is 00547C, then define ('E_HAWK_RISK_SCORE_FIELD', '00547C');

    define('E_HAWK_RISK_SCORE_FIELD', 'risk_score');
    define('E_HAWK_RISK_TYPE_FIELD', 'risk_type');

    Risk score is a number between -100 and +100. Risk Type is a text string up to 255 characters in length. It will return the risk type such as "Low Risk" and if the vet could not be processed, it will contain an error message such as "Invalid API Key" or "Out of Credits". Please make sure your CRM and database fields are configured to accept these values.

  4. Configure your parameters for vetting. These values from your form submit will be sent to E-HAWK to evaluate risk. Blank values, for example define ('E_HAWK_PHONE', ''); will not be sent to E-HAWK. If your form does not have a specific field, just make the value empty.

    If your registration form has <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="FIRST_NAME">   then define('E_HAWK_NAME_1', 'FIRST_NAME');

    Configure all values for your form:
    define('E_HAWK_NAME_1', 'FIRST_NAME');
    define('E_HAWK_NAME_2', 'LAST_NAME');
    define('E_HAWK_EMAIL', 'EMAIL');
    define('E_HAWK_PHONE', 'PHONE');
    define('E_HAWK_ADDRESS_1', '');
    define('E_HAWK_ADDRESS_2', '');
    define('E_HAWK_CITY', '');
    define('E_HAWK_STATE', '');
    define('E_HAWK_COUNTRY', '');
    define('E_HAWK_POSTALCODE', '');
    define('E_HAWK_URL', '');
    define('E_HAWK_DOMAIN', '');

    These values must match your original form elements names. They are case sensitive. If the field names have spaces, replace with underlines '_'. Examples: If your form name for first name is "First Name", define('E_HAWK_NAME_1', 'First_Name');. If your form only has "Name" field (for both first and last), then define('E_HAWK_NAME_1', 'Name'); and define('E_HAWK_NAME_2', ''); as blank.
    Country value: E_HAWK_COUNTRY supplied value should be the 2 letter code from ISO.ORG. Our service does support country names such as "Germany" and "United States". Values of "USA" or "United States of America" will be marked as incorrect and receive bad scores. We recommend using select menus on your forms for Country as well as US state or Canada province to avoid misspellings and typos.
  5. Configure the area for redirects and actions based on risk scores.

    1. define('E_HAWK_COMPLETE_URL', 'retURL'); to your form's completed URL (or blank if none). This URL is typically the re-direct the CRM system will send the browser after recording the data. As an example a page on your website that says "Thanks".

    2. define ('E_HAWK_GOOD_RISK_SCORE', 5); as the risk score value that submits the form data and returns the user to the completed landing page set by E_HAWK_COMPLETE_URL. If set to 5, then all scores +5 and higher will be added to your CRM and return the user to the E_HAWK_COMPLETE_URL value .

    3. define ('E_HAWK_MEDIUM_RISK_SCORE', -50); as the risk score value that submits the form data BUT returns the user to the alternate landing page (E_HAWK_ALTERNATE_LANDING_URL). If set to -50, then a risk score of -20 would be added to your CRM, but redirect the user to the E_HAWK_ALTERNATE_LANDING_URL... a page that might tell the user "Thanks for signing up, our support people will get back to you." This feature allows you to record the form submit, but give a different message than a low risk user.

      Risk Scores below the E_HAWK_MEDIUM_RISK_SCORE number will NOT be processed or sent to your CRM system. They will simply redirect the user to E_HAWK_ALTERNATE_LANDING_URL. This allows you to not even record very high risk scores vets in your CRM system. If you want to have all form submits sent to your CRM, then set E_HAWK_MEDIUM_RISK_SCORE to -101.

    4. define ('E_HAWK_ALTERNATE_LANDING_URL', ""); as the url that is used in conjunction with E_HAWK_MEDIUM_RISK_SCORE. This is usually a page that says "Thanks for signing up, our support people will get back to you."

  6. If a field is required on your form, set the value to true below.

    define('E_HAWK_NAME_REQUIRED', true);
    define('E_HAWK_EMAIL_REQUIRED', true);
    define('E_HAWK_PHONE_REQUIRED', true);
    define('E_HAWK_ADDRESS_REQUIRED', false);
    define('E_HAWK_CITY_REQUIRED', false);
    define('E_HAWK_STATE_REQUIRED', false);
    define('E_HAWK_COUNTRY_REQUIRED', false);
    define('E_HAWK_POSTALCODE_REQUIRED', false);
    define('E_HAWK_URL_REQUIRED', false);
    define('E_HAWK_DOMAIN_REQUIRED', false);

    If a parameter is supplied in the API call with no value, or blank, or even a holder value such as “none” or “n/a”, then the Vetting service will score the area negatively. We recommend mandatory fields in forms should be vetted and set to 'true' in the above table. Optional fields should be set to 'false' and will only be scored when they have some input.
  7. Save the changes to the E-HAWK_SignupConnector.php file. The set-up should be complete. Give it a try and start vetting.