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Salesforce Lead Vetting Plugin

Assign Risk Types when Capturing Web-To-Lead
When capturing web leads to Salesforce CRM, you can experience many junk or unqualified leads including fraud, spam, or simply bogus data. You do not want to waste time on these types of leads. Using the Sign-up Form Connector, when visitors submit your form, the connector will first vet the data using our Vetting API, get a Risk Score and Risk Type for the user, and then automatically pass the registration data plus risk information onto your Salesforce account.

Within Salesforce, you can see each lead and their risk type.

For a specific lead, you can view their Risk Score and Risk Type as part of their record.

And finally, you can build a rule that automatically puts high risk leads into a Bad Actors Queue. So you don't have to waste time on these leads.

Our automated vetting streamlines your lead process by quickly weeding out high-risk web leads. Invest your sales time on low risk clients to maximize returns.You can download the connector and hook it up to Salesforce in less than 15 minutes. The connector also works with many other CRM systems.

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