Subscription Plans include a monthly amount of Vetting API calls to match your new registration, leads, and logins you want to test every month.

Subscription Plans
Vetting API Calls Each Month Rate Cost
3,000 $.05 $150
10,000 $.04 $400
25,000 $.03 $750
100,000 $.02 $2,000
> 100,000 email Sales

If usage exceeds monthly API call allowance, then overage is billed at $0.05 each plus any phone add-ons.

Subscription Plans include:

Need different or higher volumes, a free trial, or have questions? Email Sales

Need more phone tests? Get add-ons for phone type (Cell, Landline, nonfixed VOIP, PrePaid), reverse phone/name lookup, CNAM matching, and phone connected/disconnected. Contact Sales for pricing.