Technology - Real-time Risk Intelligence


The E-HAWK API service provides real-time reputation, validation, and risk assessments for transactions, sign-ups, registrations, account updates, logins, and leads.

When on-line individuals sign-up for a service, update their account information, or try to complete a transaction on your web site, just embed our Vetting API to check the risk levels of the identity entering the data. Then pass the Risk Score and risk details onto your business systems and take the necessary actions.

Vetting Process and Testing Areas

Data supplied to the API is analyzed using a broad spectrum of tests incorporating big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

The Vetting API groups results into rollup areas for IP, email, phone, location, domain, activity, Geo-location, device, SSN, and community.

Each area runs many sub-tests as well as cross analysis between linked data (for example the IP and the location). When the vetting analysis and tests are complete, the API returns a Risk Score as well as scores for each area and risk reasons found. With this detail, your company can set threshold levels of risk tolerance for overall score as well as specific areas of interest.

Our analysis includes thousands of tests and some are:

  • IP bots, worms, proxies, TOR, blacklists, spam history, geo-location
  • Email suspect, disposable, free, MX, reputation, history
  • domain registration, age, parked, for sale, blacklists, suspended, name servers
  • phone format validity, association with fraud
  • location checking of country, city, state, and postalcodes
  • Geo-location distances between data points, country risk factors,, IP movement velocity
  • frequency of data, phonetic repeating, consistency of data
  • device fingerprint reputation and activity
  • Millions of community records added from customers who share fraudsters' information

and more. In addition, all scoring can be customized to meet your business risk tolerance levels.

Tests, Data, History, Algorithms, and Machine Learning

Our proprietary data includes over ten years of historic monitoring from honey-pots, spam traps, phishing monitors, domain reputation as well as real-time feeds of proxy, IP, emails, and pooled data from clients. The data is analyzed using phonetic activity, machine learning algorithms, and correlation tests to tag high risk users quickly.

We track millions of proxies, domains, and device fingerprints, as well as process billions of emails to find IPs, emails, and domains associated with fraud, phishing, cyber crime and spam. Our internal blacklists are supplemented with live feeds from industry leaders, and many of our clients add their fraudsters in real-time to help protect others from attacks. Our platform delivers a thorough risk evaluation tagging individual items of risk (such as proxy, blacklists, disposable email, domain age and parked, invalid phone numbers, and improper locations), followed by phonic algorithms looking for repeat and bot patterns, advanced Geo-correlations including data point mapping and velocity of IPs, phones, locations and device fingerprints, and finally checking against millions of entities and incidents of fraudsters provided by the community.

Using the Vetting API

Using HTTPS RESTful calls, your on-line web pages or back-end systems query our service about risks levels associated with the information the user enters.

Each call sends items to analyze such as name, IP, country, phone, email, etc. The API tests and vets each input against risk areas and databases of known issues or threats. Item groups, Geo-correlations, and whole-identity is risk assessed and the results are returned in JSON format and include risk score, area scores, and risk hit details. The "details" part of the JSON is critical to your business risk rules. With this data, you know exactly what the risk is and can take the appropriate actions.

Read the API documentation in the support area.